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We work with you to design, build and operate your vision


At Bright & Shiny our passion is solving problems. We've deployed and maintained highly scaled web applications, designed small, medium and large business websites, created best-selling, award-winning mobile apps, and done pretty much everything in between. We bring a strong software engineering mindset to bear on all projects, never losing sight of the final objective: to create the best solution to your problem in a timely, cost-effective manner. Relying on a common-sense approach to software design and construction rather than rigid conformance to any specific methodology or technology, we are agile in the best sense of the word.




Software is more than just lines of code. A past of design, collaboration, decisions, and deployments; a present of current configurations, usage and maintenance; and a future of "all of the above" along with the uncertainty of what's coming: these all add up to massive complexity, and operational and organizational considerations only add to this complexity. Managing this complexity is our job, and excelling at it is our mission.


Our experience with some of the world's best designers as well as designing and building software for many of the world's largest companies has driven home the fact that great software begins (and ends) with great design. Design permeates every level of our thinking, from visual and interaction down to organizational and culture.


Bright & Shiny's flexible resourcing model allows us to spin up distributed teams on a moment's notice, reengaging star team members from previous projects with relevant experience, or initiating a worldwide search for new resources that can deliver. We've found that by opening our doors to a worldwide talent pool and providing them the tools and freedom to do their jobs, we're not only able to attract the best talent from all across the world, but we allow them to do their best work. Distributed collaboration and communication tools are available today that were unthinkable even two years ago and we are leveraging those to get the most out of our team.


Our operational focus is what sets us apart: delivering software to our clients is only the first part of the engagement. Operations are an integral part of any software project that matters: successful web projects require ongoing monitoring, maintenance and capacity planning as well as any planned upgrades, while more self contained projects such as mobile apps also require analytics, community building and maintenance to ensure compatibility with future hardware and OS upgrades. We never stop thinking about how to improve, and implementing those ideas that really do make things better.

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